What is Corporate Identity Design?

Corporate identity design is defined as the message a brand sends to its customers in order to make them perceive it in a particular way. It is important to keep the brand’s culture, values, and how it wishes to be positioned in the market in mind when creating the corporate identity design. Corporate identity design includes elements like logos, fonts, brand colours.


How does Corporate Identity Design work?

Corporate identity design visually communicates the value a company brings to the consumer. This is done through business cards, letterheads, stationery, signages as well as menus, uniforms, shopping bags etc. All in all, it shows your target audience how your company is different from other competitors in the market.

Key Elements in Building your Corporate Identity Design:

1) Define Your Target Audience

Before you get started, make sure you identify who your target audience is. This in turn will impact how and what you design to cater to that particular target audience. Accordingly, your brand colours, logo, design and the overall message of the company will need to be defined.

2) What Is Your Value Proposition?

To define the value proposition, you need to make a note of what you’re selling and how is it different from other competitors, products or services in the market. This will help you create a value proposition statement that tells you what your product or service is and why it matters to your target audience.

Choose Apt Brand Colours

After defining the target audience and the value proposition you can now understand what brand colours would work best. To choose the brand colours you need to define the main brand colour, a secondary colour and a base or a neutral colour.

4) Design Your Logo

Now that you have your brand colours defined, you can create a logo that effortlessly defines what your business stands for, its message to the target audience and the usage of the chosen brand colours. Designing your logo is a culmination of the key steps already taken, defining your target audience, creating your value proposition and locking your brand colours. Creating the right logo design is one of the most important factors in your corporate identity design as well as for your company.

5) Choose Your Brand’s Fonts

Though fonts may not stand out as much as a brand logo or the brand colour, they still play an important role in making your brand noticeable. The purpose of the font is to convey your brand in a particular light to the target audience so that they may perceive it as per your value proposition. The font can also be used to set your company apart from competitors and stand out from the crowd.

6) Create a Brand Style Guide

A cohesive brand style guide must be created to define the key elements of your brands visual identity. This brand style guide or brand identity manual is a guideline as to how the brand elements are to be used visually including the logo, brand colours, fonts, photographs and illustrations. This will ensure that any creatives or collaterals created for your company will be standard, setting an even tone for your company’s visual identity so as to not confuse the target audience. This will help to take the brand message and proposition forward through similar style of visuals.

Corporate identity design is an important investment to establish the visual identity of your company. We at Dhandhaniaa are a 360 degree agency that has conceptualised and created the corporate identity design for various companies over the years, helping them stand out from their competitors and bringing their brand into the limelight. Regardless of your business’s size, location, target audience or product you need an agency that will enhance your corporate brand identity design and create loyalty amongst your customers, increase interest in your brand and help you prosper financially. Dhandhaniaa Agency is the perfect fit to take your brand forward!

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