What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the art of creating visual content to solve problems and communicate ideas and messages. This can be done through typography, imagery, colour and form. This involves understanding the specific need and using logic to communicate through the right form of visual technique. Common uses of graphic design include logos, web design, product packaging, magazines, books, menus, business cards, advertisements and spatial branding to name a few.


Types of Graphic Design

There are many different types of graphic design, each having their own specialization. These different types often overlap but each type requires a special skillset and technique to be used.

1) Visual Identity Graphic Design

A product or brand is successful thanks to its relationship with its audience. Visual identity refers to how the company or organisation communicates its brand or product to the audience. This includes the personality, tone, emotions, essence and experiences. Visual identity graphic design thus refers to the visual elements that act as the face of a brand or product to communicate those intangible qualities to showcase the brand or product in the best possible way. This is done through logos, typography, colour palettes and images that represent a brand’s personality. Often visual brand guidelines are setup to ensure brand consistency through the brand or product's communication.

2) Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design

Great marketing campaigns are known to engage people and understand their wants and needs and the satisfaction they derive from a product, service or brand. Because people find visual content more engaging, graphic design is used as an effective medium of communication. Companies depend on successful marketing campaigns to reach their target audience and affect their decision-making process to create a want and need for the company’s product and there’s no better way to do this than with visuals. While traditionally print media and outdoor advertising centric campaigns were popular, today the focus has shifted to digital assets, and online branding to create content that goes viral.

3) User Interface Graphic Design

How a user interacts with a device or an application is known as user interface (UI). UI design is when the interface is designed to maximise user experience by providing an easy to understand, user friendly interface. UI refers to all those elements that a user interacts with including the screen, mouse and keyboard but when we refer to graphic design, UI design focuses on the visual experience for the user like buttons, menus, micro-interactions etc. UI design specializes in desktop apps, mobile apps, web apps and games.

4) Publication Graphic Design

Books, newspapers, magazines, catalogues and other long format pieces of communication fall under the publication category. They usually fall under the print media category. Publication graphic design usually includes the creation of layouts, typography and accompanying artwork, which includes photography, graphics and illustrations. An understanding of colour management, printing and digital publishing aids in good publication graphic design.

5) Packaging Graphic Design

Usually products require an outer packaging to protect them from damage while going from a factory to a shelf. But packaging design has another important use, it can be used to communicate with consumers, making it an important marketing asset. Through every box, bottle, can, carton, bag, wrapper, packet a message can be conveyed directly. This form of graphic design requires a great knowledge of materials, printing and industrial design to make sure that both form and function are met while telling a story to the consumer and making it more desirable.

6) Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphic design includes animation, audio, typography, imagery, video etc that are imperative for TV, film and online media. With the advent of technology, motion graphic design as a form of graphic design has soared in popularity. A strong working knowledge of marketing, coding and 3D modelling is imperative in motion graphic design. In recent years motion graphic design has reduced production costs and time in TV, film and digital media which has created opportunities and widened the restrictions for content set earlier due to costs and time constraints.

Graphic Design Agency

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