What is Out-Of-Home Advertising?

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is any visual advertising media found outside of the home when consumers are "on the go" in public places. This can include billboards and signages, ads on bus stops or benches, in transit areas like airports, train and bus stations, and in commercial locations like malls or in the cinema. The expertise of a good outdoor advertising agency is paramount in exploring the various out-of-home advertising options available.


Types of Out-Of-Home Advertising?

OOH advertising formats fall into three main categories - billboards, street furniture and transit:

1) Billboard Advertising

Billboard refers to a large outdoor advertising space created in a manner so as to capture the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians. They are strategically positioned around high traffic areas with both automotive and foot traffic so that they can grab more eyeballs. They are an efficient means of communicating information be it a product, service, brand or company.
Often billboards are used geographically – the location of the closest fast food restaurant on the route, the directions or distance to a hotel or an attraction on the way. It is important for the outdoor advertising agency to understand the demographic and the product/brand and choose the location of the billboards accordingly

2) Street Furniture Advertising

Street furniture advertising refers not just to bus or park benches but also to bus stops, among others. It is said to be an ideal medium for marketing campaigns to reach out to a large mass of people. It can also be used as directional outdoor advertising.
Street furniture advertising provides an ideal opportunity to reach into the minds of all commuters, pedestrians and motorists. Located throughout city centres, suburbs and rural areas, street furniture advertising delivers awareness, brand recall and drives sales. The positive contribution that this medium has on the community is an added benefit. Outdoor advertising agencies help you determine the right street furniture options to get maximum visibility.

3) Transit Advertising

Transit advertising is advertising placed in or on modes of public transportation like buses, trains and taxis or in public transportation areas like train or bus stations.
Transit advertising provides high visibility for your product on a daily basis. Also, your audience may not necessarily be able to ignore your ads as they would, for example, by skipping an ad on YouTube or by switching channels on TV or on the radio, or flipping past a magazine ad. Many times, it may be hard for a person to ignore an ad that is in his/her direct line of vision. Select an outdoor advertising agency that understands your audience and knows the best transit adverting options to reach out to them.

4) Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital outdoor advertising refers to digital signages that use electronic technology to display ads on a screen. Digital signages rotate ads every six to eight seconds. Other digital signs might be free-standing on a sidewalk or at the perimeter of a sports arena.

Outdoor Advertising Agency

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