What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing in today’s world is the go-to tool for every brand to reach and engage with their customers. It helps brands connect with their target audience, increases awareness about the brand, and helps convert leads and sales. With a large digitally dependent demographic across the world, especially in India, social media marketing can do wonders for your brand.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

1) Cost-Effective

Social media marketing is highly beneficial and preferred as it is a cost-effective advertising strategy. Signing up on a social media platform is mostly free and if you wish to advertise using paid media you can choose to spend as much as your budget permits. Advertising on social media platforms will get you a greater return on investment leaving you with a bigger budget for other marketing and advertising spends.

2) Engaging

To grab your customers’ attention, it is important to engage and interact with them. Social media marketing is the perfect tool to do so. Marketing on the popular social media platforms can help take your brand message to the right audience and by regularly posting creative and engaging content you can continue to keep audiences hooked to your brand.

3) Brand Loyalty

Social media marketing helps your customers find and connect with your brand. By engaging with your customers using social media marketing and forming a connect you can create customer loyalty and increase customer retention. Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty go hand-in-hand, therefore it is important to engage with good content and marketing strategies to form a bond with customers. Through social media you can create and run promotional campaigns apart from showcasing your product or service to create awareness and build brand loyalty.

4) Customer Satisfaction

Social media marketing is an important networking and communication platform. It helps act as a voice for your company or brand to improve your brand image at large. Customers appreciate a customised reply to comments that they may leave on posts made by the brand and when done so it helps increase customer satisfaction as it helps make the customer feel valued and respected.

5) Increased Traffic

A major benefit of social media marketing is that it helps drive traffic to your website. When you share your content on your social media platform, you offer an opportunity to the customer to visit your website. If your social media page has engaging content it will bring in more traffic helping to convert opportunities.

6) Enhanced SEO rankings

Being present on social media helps in calculating rankings. SEO requirements for a better ranking are constantly evolving. It is no longer enough to just optimize your website and regularly update your blog, you are also needed to share content on your social media platform as this sends out a signal to search engines from your brand which is important for brand validity, integrity and consistency.


Social media marketing has tumultuous advantages for brands as choosing the right social media marketing strategy will lead to increased traffic on your website, better SEO, improved brand loyalty, greater customer satisfaction and higher ROI. We at Dhandhaniaa are an advertising agency that specialises in social media, graphic design and corporate brand identity. We are known as one of best social media marketing agencies in Pune that caters to all your requirements through an in depth understanding of social media. We believe that social media is the right platform for rocketing your brand into the limelight with your key customers. Connect with Dhandhaniaa to connect your brand to its audiences!

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